Be bold and commit to the best expression of your self!

Jewelry is a form of self expression. It tells so much about each person’s story. It finishes off a lovely outfit or lifts your spirits when you see a piece that touches your heart. I obtain inspiration from a variety of places for my jewelry. I love the outdoors (especially running, hiking and kayaking). Nature is central to many of my pieces. Sinuous leaves, reflective surfaces of water and stylized flowers translate well into contemporary creations. Ginkgo leaves are a passion of mine. They come in many versions and are great to manipulate and abstract. I work on different textures and finishes to create my desired effects. 

I would love to say my creative process is aways spontaneous and my designs pop into my head. Alas, at times I do see something and my inspiration results in a specific design, other times it starts with a simple form or idea thread on my sketch pads and through multiple manipulations a new design is brought to life. My work bench is full of various materials waiting to be incorporated into new creations. 

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